Welcome! Below you'll find all the materials for this introduction on clairvoyance and working with your own intuitive vision. There is so much that can be said on this, so it by no means covers every nook and cranny, but I hope you find some pieces that are affirming and supportive for you. 

Part 1: 

Explore common characteristics of people who are clairvoyant. 

We all have intuitive abilities! See if you recognize any of these clairvoyant qualities in yourself and your experiences.

Learn sacred, creative, and powerful ways to cultivate your Inner Intuitive Sight.


The difference between visualization and the Intuitive Vision Process, is that you are engaging with your imagery as an actual living source of deeper information, insight, and healing. You become the observer, in an activated intuitive space, watching, experiencing, and receiving from the imagery.

Part 2: 

Working with the power of your own Intuitive Vision for healing, insight, and greater inner calm.

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Here's an extra 2 minute video with some examples of receiving your initial symbol imagery.



We do this or a similar sort of process quite often in the Energy Gift Spirit Circles. Here's a recording of one of those that you may listen to a practice wth. To see when the next live online event is GO HERE.

I'd love to hear from you. Please send comments and questions to me HERE. How did the process go for you? Did you receive some new insight? Did these videos deliver what you were hoping for?  

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