Nurture Deeper Embodiment

Time to slow down, reflect on what's most important to you, what truly brings you a sense of heart warmed fulfillment, and nurture that within yourself and your relationships. This card at this moment in time, is speaking to us about becoming the embodiment of our wisdom, love and spirit, by prioritizing the deeper more meaningful values we hold. These deep values can be and probably are, very simple. 

What are your deepest values? Let this infuse yourself and your work. Here are a few questions to help you center and connect:


1. Write down 4 things that have brought you a feeling of warm heart expansion.

Make this things that you have initiated or personally experienced. So, something you did or experienced, not something that came from someone else (i.e....when you saved that homeless dog, gave a massage to your friend who has cancer..etc. Not when your fiancee proposed to you.)  How can you bring that experience into your life on a regular basis? What does this show you about what brings you true fulfillment? How can you prioritize this in your thought, word and action both with yourself, interpersonally and in your work life?

2. Describe 4 times you have felt the most well-being in your body.

What does this reveal to you about the self-care you need? What does your body need from you right now? We want to embody ourselves, and our divine light, to live it on Earth. The body is the temple of your Spirit. Spirit isn't 'out there', it's here, now. Being spiritual doesn't mean being out of your body. Get in your body, do what helps you feel your full self in your body, here & now. In this way your divine spirit will shine through you even more clearly, and you are more likely to embody your potential and manifest  it into physical reality.

3. What 4 things do you value most?

See if you can simplify it down to 4 things. Think about your relationships, your life as a human on this planet, your children, your ethics, work, spirituality, health, what makes you happy, what makes you sad. How have you taken embodied real life action related to that value? Take embodied action at least once a week, but preferably consider ways to do that every day. This can look like setting aside time for an activity, making a charitable donation, writing an article, signing a petition, having a conversation about it, journaling, sitting for 5 minutes in silence to reconnect, helping someone out in a small way....etc

4. If your inner child could give you a message right now, what would he/she want to say?

For this question, visualize your self as a young child. What age are you? What are you wearing? How would he/she answer these questions? Send her/him love. See what message your inner child might have for you. The message might come in words, or as an image, symbol, scene, color or metaphor.

5. What message does your Higher Self have for you today?

Now that you've connected in on these levels explored in the previous questions, take a moment to let a your thoughts go and connect in with your Higher Self. To do this, you might imagine you're somewhere in Nature and a wise being, your Higher Self, full of love and light is approaching, you ready to share his/her wisdom with you.

How do you feel now in relation to our card image above, Nurture, and the theme of deeper embodiment?

I'll be expanding on this soon, and talking more deeply about the different ways we move through life, specifically-horizontal vs vertical movement, how to tell if you need a change of direction, and how to focus your energy to shift your experience into more embodiment of who you are and what you want to accomplish. So stay tuned.

Comment below. I'd love to hear anything you'd like to share.

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