Changes to the Energy Gift Spirt Circle


Hi. This is long, but feels important. I want to share more backend information with you about the changes to the Energy Gift Spirit Circle. I honestly have been feeling a bit uncomfortable that I have to make changes, and concerned about how it might be received by and effect you. I didn’t want to create something and then have the terms change. I wanted this offering to work for you and for me in the way it was set up, but after a year now (the first was offered in Sept 2016!💖), it’s become clear to me that I need to shift things a little. 

Here is the vision I had when I started these (being really transparent here): I would offer a gathering in which I share my work of guided journey, energy medicine, and intuitive/sometimes channeled insights on a donation basis. I envisioned people on the calls receiving not only the pre-created energy process but at times real time personal energy medicine during the call. This happened a little bit but because of the BlogTalk set up and because many people were not coming live but listening to the recording, this didn’t happen as much as I’d envisioned. My idea too was that people would donate and those who couldn’t wouldn’t.  Even if most people had donated $3-$5, it would have really made this doable for me. This didn’t happen. I received 2-3 donations over the year,  totaling under $40.  I then tried putting edited 'ad free' versions of the event recordings in my online shop, available for $8 (those are still available), but that didn't  yield  anything either. These gatherings are built over weeks, as I listen, write, and gather intuitive information. I’ve come to realize that these require a good amount of my energy.. not only in the creation stage, but  also in the way I am connecting with those on the calls. As one dear client put it ‘ they are quite extensive’. I love it, and wouldn't have it any other way, but I've realized I can no longer do them for free.  

So here are the changes that are happening.

* I’m moving the Energy Circle off the BlogTalk site. It cost me $468 per year to have a live event there. I also don’t like the ads on the page and the ads that they automatically add to the recordings.

* I’m trying out meeting on Learn it Live or their Spirituality Center. I’ve done things here before and it’s a great company. We have the option of video which is especially great for times when doing ‘ moving mudras’ so I can actually demonstrate them.

* Because of the new set up, things like group sharing, and individual attention will be so easy. So we may include more that. My original intention was to have times when someone struggling with an issue could receive group energy healing and personal intuitive insights. So we might do that if there's interest. 

* There will be a fee structure. I’m going to try out offering coupons so that people will still have options. (i.e... sign up early for 80% off...)

* In my heart I hope to find some other ways to offer things for free. I might post short videos in the group Facebook page, do mini readings and things of that sort. 

I think that covers it for now. I just wanted to be really transparent with you. I really appreciate your presence and hope to see you in sacred gathering.