Guided Message for Dec 10th-17th

"Rainbow Breeze" by Beth Budesheim

"Rainbow Breeze" by Beth Budesheim

Sink beneath the world, into a consciousness of your own design, your own essence. Sink beyond old patterns,  habitual thinking, if even for a moment, and let yourself be re-informed from a greater wisdom. Accessing a neutral space can be very helpful. Letting go into neutrality (non-attachment, both-and consciousness, objective observer, holding what is in stillness & full presence), our ego mind can be gently quieted, our intense emotions given a break, and access to deeper information emergent.

This week has great potential to be deeply intuitive. So drop in, touch into neutrality, take moments to slow down and let a different deeper part of your consciousness have breathing space, and  pay attention. Talking with a friend or therapist could also be very helpful this week, someone who can be a sounding board and with whom you can reflect. Make note of what then emerges in you, any insights, new understandings, intuitive messages, visions, synchronicities and inner knowings.