Guided Message for Dec 3rd-16th

 Raise your vibration.

Turtle-from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams, David Carson & Angela Werneke

Turtle-from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams, David Carson & Angela Werneke

We need to take care of our vibrational energy, our energy body, just as we care for our physical body. There is a lot flying around in the world energetically- different energies, thought forms, fields of consciousness,.. and this can and does effect us. Tending to our energy body includes tending to our heart, and our thinking.  

Card: Turtle

  • Mother Earth

  • Shields & protection

  • Grounding

  • Slow down

I think it's very interesting that Turtle came for us for with this theme of raising vibration. There are other animal guides that would have lent a much different contribution.  So it's of great note... to notice that to raise our vibration which can be akin to a faster lighter vibrational frequency, we are being asked to slow down and listen within.  It's interesting but I'm not at all surprised. When we slow down we become present and presence expands consciousness.

So, we may need to take time out, slow down and include extra self care. Be gentle with yourself, and discerning about external demands vs  what you know is in your highest good. Watch your boundaries and don't overextend yourself. Go deeper instead of farther. Simplify when possible and let the Heart lead.  


If you've been feeling overwhelmed, depressed, more unclear, or having more negative thoughts, your energy body may be in need of some care. In any case, it's always a good idea to regularly take time to care for our energy body and raise our vibrational frequency.  Doing so will help your 'set point' stay more aligned with your higher Self, and energies that are not yours, that may be negatively effecting you, will dissolve and slide off of your field. You will find yourself feeling clearer, calmer, grounded, greater vitality and inspiration. Raising your vibration is like taking an energy field bath. 


Raising your vibration will align you with the higher resonances in your life. You may experience increased synchronicities, feeling more connected to your Heart, and things moving more smoothly with less effort.     


So how do we raise our vibration?


Here are some great ways- some you can do on your own and some involve others. 


  • Music - singing bowls , classical, anything that expands and raises vibration  

  • Sit out in Nature

  • Pledge to practice positive thoughts for a day  

  • Have a Spirit Day- a day out of time, spent away from TV/phone/computer and perhaps in meditation, nature, being creative  

  • Group class or healing circle

  • Receive energy medicine


In love and gratitude,