Revived- Sacred Revisioning

I recently returned from a women's gathering where I was both a participant and a presenter. As I re-entered my home and life here, I found myself inspired to clean and shift my space, give some care to my work spaces, and thereby  weave the sacred energy and recharged medicine woman self into my life and environment. 
If you've ever participated a sacred women's retreat, you know what I'm talking about. In stepping away from our lives, into extended sacred space within & without, we come back clearer, more aligned with our own spirit, and this can catalyze changes big and small! 


 I found myself organizing/cleaning, and creating, painting, crafting, and dreaming. I re-crafted a somewhat ugly copper sun that I have had hanging above my kitchen window, transforming it with a sculpted face, glued on flowers, leaves and craft crystals. This made me so happy! How had I not thought of this before?  

I also hung a beautiful new sculpture in my healing room, that holds such a powerful medicine  woman vibe that I can hardly believe I'm so lucky to have her.  
Taking time for ourselves and stepping away and into a different time/space continuum of sacred space & sacred work, can uplift our daily life, bringing us greater clarity and focused aligned manifestation. It provides room and the supportive energy for a sacred revisioning of ourselves, our life, and our work...just by being in sacred high vibrational space,  just Be-ing, settling into presence, and taking time to connect, face challenges, connect & be in creativity. I encourage you to take time away from your usual routines, away from email, away from the computer, and into a different way of being. If you can't take a week, take a day or even half a day. You will be amazed at the gifts this can bring you. When you change your routine, get off the treadmill and into sacred space, it can be like entering a whole different time/space continuum. Doing so nourishes other parts of you that may be starving. These parts include the the gentle inner spaces of your being where your creativity, your intuition and unique essence resides. 


As I was going through my big fuzzy bear-like cubby that holds my business files, folders, idea notebooks, and unfinished projects,  I came across a little healing meditation...something I'd written many months ago and hadn't shared publicly yet.  

So I created a little video for those who are in the Energy Gift Spirit Circle. But I've decided to share it will all of you too. If there is any relationship in your life that could use a little clearing, support, or healing, this exercise will help.  


Use the Forgiveness Mandala pictured here.  And make sure you are visualizing the other person as the *same size* as you. It is common to feel/see others in our imagination as larger (possibly smaller too in some cases). So check this and adjust. 
Click the video image below to watch or use this link: