White Deer - Rebirth, Innocence and Gentleness

White Deer - Rebirth, Innocence and Gentleness 


You, as a sensitive being, have these qualities as part of your nature- Gentleness, Innocence, Purity, Sensitivity and Sensuality. However sometimes in this driven often harsh society it can be so easy for these qualities to go hiding under the covers.  When faced with harshness,  constant violence in the news, the volitility of those around us at work, home or on a simple drive to the grocery store,  our gentle vulnerable side can feel overwhelmed, and go into hiding. We then risk becoming guarded, rigid, cold, and numbed. 

What places in your life do you have that actually nourish and bring out your inner deer- that highly sensitive and gentle part of you? What friendships? What activities? For some people maybe none.

By being aware of the deep value of this part and how much the world really needs it, we can consciously invite it to emerge in ourselves (which can give permission (or provide a model) for it to emerge in others) and we can seek out or create atmospheres for it's presence. The only way to preserve (or create) something is to sincerely and actively value it.  A world that values these Deer qualities, is a world where people respect Nature, animals, each other, experience the sacredness of sensuality, deeper Presence, heightened intuition, clearer communication, beauty, honorable surrender, right power, and whole being experience.      


Some creative play to nourish, cultivate, and give presence to your 'deer Self'

* Create you own personal archetype of yourself that includes this sensitive gentle aspect. What is her/his name? What do his/her eyes look like? How does she/he walk and how would his/her voice sound as she/he greeted someone? Walk around your house as him/her, feel her/him in your face, your eyes and the way you move. 

* Allow beauty and the arts to nourish you, to have a place in your life, your home and your own expression.

WRITE a 5 line poem about something beautiful you see around you or experienced today. 

If your life purpose were a DANCE, what would it look like? Get up and explore that dance now.

Bring to mind a dream you have for yourself. Let a COLOR emerge for that dream. Find a way to bring more of that color into your space, wardrobe, make a vision board or draw an image using a lot of that color. 

Beauty, the arts, meditation, time in nature, time with innocence (children, animals), are all potential ways to connect with, nourish and expand our sensitive gentle Self. However, only if we value it,  and are open/willing to go there.  Sometimes life puts us there- I have seen people in this space after a loved one dies, after an extended time in retreat or in nature, after a moving heart opening movie or documentary, after visiting a third world country. These awaken us, bring us out of our routine and into deeper more essential parts. This sensitive gentle side is essential- it is where exists so much of who we are beyond learned scripts, beyond 'shoulds', beyond how we adapted away from our inner Truth. It is where true power, essence, presence and connection exist and are seeded. We need it and the world needs it. 

Discernment. In this space, like a deer, you are highly sensitive. This increases your discernment while also making discernment more necessary. Some say sensitivity requires  needing more protection or  speak of not being able to function in the world because of sensitivity.  We need to change that thinking. Sensitivity doesn't make you weak, it makes you aware. What does happen though, is when you dismantle your armor, when you cherish the sensitive gentle animal that you are,  you might no longer wish to spend time with people with whom armor is necessary. You might choose to watch a little less news, because you are taking care of this aspect of yourself and it's preservation. So be discerning, and with your own thoughts too (is your self talk gentle?).  Trust your sensual side, your subtle ‘deer-perception’. Call on white deer to help you trust the strength in your sensitivity, and be clear in your knowing. Be kind and be keenly loyal to your highest well being.

I would also like to share this, from A Course in Miracles (which I have looked through from time to time but am not a teacher of or student of per se). I have been working with these for the past 4 weeks and have found their effect very useful and beautiful. 
From Lesson 67:
“Holiness created me holy. 
Kindness created me kind.
Helpfulness created me helpful.”

I also use my own additions such as Love created me loving.  

From Lesson 68:
“I would see you as my friend, that I may remember you are a part of me and come to know myself.”


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ~ “May all beings everywhere be free and happy.”


After writing this, as I was doing an internet search for white deer images, I came across these, and am sharing if you'd like to do further research:





Wishing you all a beautiful week!