Rainbow Dragon, Virtue, Priorities...

Guided Message for January 25th-Feb 3rd

 For this guided message, we're going to bring in several sources of guidance & tools that you may call upon for support these next 10 days (or if you're reading this after Feb 3rd, consider it divine synchronicity and still applicable to you).   


Spiritual Quality to embody: Virtue
Hold yourself to the standards of your Higher Self. Ask, what would my Highest Self do, say choose? Lead by example. Avoid negative talk and gossip. Watch your thoughts; thoughts lead to actions. This will raise your energetic vibration which brings great benefit.

Animal totem: Many animal guides are offering to assist at this time. They have valuable messages and carry much wisdom about how to live in harmony with our true nature and the greater good. They offer archetypes as to how to embody qualities that support us in our lives. Call on your guides too assist you. (if you want help discovering an animal guide, we can set up a session for that- contact me for details.)

The animal deck I have, Medicine Cards, includes blank cards on which you can add your own animals that aren’t already in the deck. For this reading, one that I made came flying out for us, Rainbow Dragon. Rainbow Dragon is a higher level of the Phoenix and represents transformation and rebirth as well, and the bridge between heaven and earth. (see also the qualities of rainbow further down this post.) It also speaks of entering a new phase. 

Ascended Master: Aengus-Twin Flame: assistance with a relationship. Connection with like minded souls.   Lugh-Persistence: Stay focused. Working towards Mastery is a worthwhile endeavor. Stay the course. 

Self Care: Priorities
Knowing your priorities helps with staying aligned with your dreams, and intentions. It makes decisions easier, helps maintain focus and decrease overwhelm. What are your priorities? These also relate to values; priorities and values go hand in hand. What do you value in relationships, in ways of being, for the body, mind, spirit, and in life? Think of a few and then prioritize around that. Let that guide your actions, words, and how you use your daily time. 

Color: A very pale yellow, just beyond white, barely yellow. I honestly felt a little repulsed by this color when it came for us in my intuitive vision. The guidance though is that it lifts the emotional body and any heavy emotional thoughts, and does it ever! 

We also though are given Rainbow, as it came in with the animal totem, Rainbow Dragon.  "The philosophy of spiritual cohesion is a common current in the meaning of rainbows. The rainbow holds a ubiquitous meaning of unity in numerous cultures. This pervasive message of unification is specifically addressed in the union between sky and earth, with the rainbow serving as a bridge between the two."  Rainbow is hope, wholeness and inclusiveness of diverse parts. 

There are many ways to work with the pale yellow and rainbow. Visualize one and then the other filling your aura or your body; notice them around you in your environment; get a candle of that color and light it every evening; create an intuitive drawing focused on that color.

Because the pale pale yellow is like a reset, I recommend using it first, followed by an infusion of the rainbow. If you work with clients, see how holding these colors in your energy field effects the session, notice if their own field is needing these color vibrations. 

I'd love to hear your experiences with all this! Comment below.

Wishing you a beautiful one until next time,