Staying on Earth

An insight arrived the other day, in a way that often happens for me, during one of my day dreams. My body and ‘doing life’ mind were occupied with a simple task, and the insight bubbled up from a deeper intuitive place.


What came has to do with our current time here on earth. I’ve heard many people recently saying they or people they know, are experiencing waves of strong feelings about being here on earth, or specifically- leaving, wanting to end their time here.  Some speak of it as a sort of pull or voice, either their own, a part of themselves, or one perceived as more external. These are people who have no history of suicidal thoughts. I’ve heard people confess of having more ‘dark thoughts’ recently too. If you have experienced this, you are not alone, and nothing is wrong with you…read on.

There is a lot of intensity these days for sure- political intensity, environmental concerns, crises in human rights, fires, earthquakes and floods…It’s a lot. Our human field is buzzing loudly right now.

I believe that it’s not Earth that people want to leave, but the current human field of consciousness. These are interconnected, but separate. Our human field of consciousness is a large co-created field of our focus, actions, words, creativity, and activities. It includes all the major events going on, our emotional reactions to them, and the potential possibilities. Common aspects of our human field begin to conglomerate, becoming a consciousness all their own. Right now this larger field has big parts floating around that are not so pretty. Sometimes we can pick up on all this, like a cloud of thoughts and feelings that wafts into our own zone.

There is also the Earth’s innate field of consciousness that has existed long before us, consisting of all the elements, plants sprouting, animals migrating, oceans undulating, minerals crystalizing…etc. When we connect with the Earth field, we feel our innate goodness, purity, balance, harmony, healthy cycles, our essence, and are reminded of what is authentic and most important. This is what I think many people could use right now. 

When I was in Greece, visiting temples and feeling into all the gods & goddesses, what I felt beginning to speak to me was Gaia. I feel that Gaia, earth goddess, is really here for us right now. She is where we need to go. I know we’ve all heard it before- that she is speaking to us via the earthquakes, fires and floods, but I want to look at it in another way. I want to point out that she is an energy field, a field of consciousness. A living consciousness that is larger than what we humans create. She is this whole entire planet!  I’m hoping that hearing this will help. I’m hoping that these words might help tweeze apart the layer of human chaos from what lies beneath, the beautiful nourishing Earth.  Go there, feel Her, drop your body into Her. Ahhh.. do you feel it? I’m hoping those who are feeling like leaving, will find some peace in Her.

Last week I had a dream that I was listening intently to a broadcast of some sort, trying to hear the details. Suddenly, I had the sense that there was some mind control going on. I became aware of a male voice attempting to influence my decisions and instill fear in me. When I realized this I said with conviction, “I’m not listening to this anymore!” and pulled off the headphones/earbuds I was now aware that I had been wearing.

Sometimes we need to become aware of where we are giving big chunks of our focus. Be aware of with what fields of energy you are engaging. When we are aware, we can notice, breathe, choose, dance between them, find our center, and know our own authenticity. I’m not an advocate for denial, avoidance, or spiritual bypassing. I’m an advocate for being conscious. We can participate in various levels of human experience. There is the chaos, the real life trauma, dramas, the mundane, the ecstatic, the creative, artistic, playful, loving, monastic, compassionate, passionate, and so on endlessly. 

Be aware, and take time with Gaia too. Drop beneath the difficult human created fields and spend some time with Her. Be in her energy. Let her renourish your mental, emotional and physical states to their more natural vibration. Much of the human field of consciousness that people are wanting to get away from is very chaotic and not very ‘human’ at all, maybe even dis-eased. Through Gaia we can reset, and connect with ourselves and with others from a deeper place of nourishment and peace. 

Fields of consciousness, such as Gaia, help us embody potent possibilities. We can then bring those and our vitalized selves where needed, in our own lives and the greater human experience and effect positive change. At the simplest level, by stepping out of the chaotic collective stories, you just might help someone else feel their true nature, their possibilities, and nourish them with your true pure presence.