Heart, Hope, and Miracles


The heart is enlivened by hope and belief in miracles.  The heart is strongly related to intuitive abilities.  It is a second brain and it’s energy field can reach great distances. The heart is an amazing space of deeper understanding, connection, wisdom, and Spirit. 

I've always loved Valentine's Day. Whether I've been in a relationship at the time or not, I've always felt  grateful to have a day dedicated to the heart, it's magic, its beauty and ability to profoundly touch others in simple ways. 

The heart is so sincere. It breaks open with the soft touch and purr of a kitten, and falls apart into rawness (which can be breaking open as well) when we lose someone we love. It is good to feel what is in our hearts.

Disappointments, misunderstandings, resentments, losses, overstimulation, and overwhelm, can take a toll on the heart though,  and  leave one feeling numb, heavy hearted,  disconnected and less intuitive.  How do we get out of a heart slump, relight the loving fire in our heart, and bring ourselves back into a natural open consciousness? 

 No matter what state your heart is in at the moment, I invite you to explore the following exercises and considerations.  See how they effect the quality of your Heart presence and state of being. None of these will force the natural timing of the heart, or force you into or out of a healthy heart process. They will support the heart's natural innate wisdom and flow.

 * Focus on the heart vibration outside of the body, in the energy field about 1 to 2 feet in front of the heart space. This invites the Heart energies to move and open. If the heart is feeling deflated, sunken, stuck, collapsed, and closed, sometimes focusing inside- inside the body- or  right on the heart chakra and going into the feelings (which is often a great thing to do), doesn't shift or move energy (and so doesn't result in any healthy movement in what you're experiencing, or insight.) . In this case, the heart energy can be gently warmed and encouraged outward, into the space beyond it's internal aspect, creating an expansion that helps things move and find new perspective. So focus on the space about a foot in front of your heart space, imagine a warm bright light there, and breathe, and relax.

 * What hopes, dreams, and belief in miracles, can you access? Tap into those in whatever way you are able,.. through feeling, imagination, or Child-like creativity. Can you remember a time when you experienced exuberant hope, the feeling of falling in love, or experienced divine synchronicity? Remember that feeling of magic and miracles? Now allow their pure vibration to touch the back of your heart space, between your shoulder blades. This is the back of your heart chakra. What do you notice? For me I feel how the energy of hope and miracles enlivens this space, like a divine support behind the heart that lifts the whole heart energy. Working with (attention, breathing, positive visualization) the back of your heart space helps bring optimism and higher loving will.

 * Think of others, turn away from the self focus, practice random acts of kindness, small considerate gestures, and contemplate ways to be of service. 

* Spend time in nature and with animals.

 * Practice the physical posture of an open heart. Lift your chest just slightly, not over doing it into bravado, but a lift of the sternum that displays a willingness and openness. Mood reflects in posture, and posture can also affect mood. 

* Practice the inner smile. Relax your facial muscles, your forehead, your lips. 

* Replace negative self talk with positive loving affirmations. Be authentic with yourself and with others.

* Consciously give gratitude every day.


Sending you all a warm heart with lots of love, compassion, hope and dreams,


p.s. If you would like a heart energy session, distance or in person, contact me for more information.