Cyclic Wisdom

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

 When I connected in, and asked what energies were calling to be spoken of and explored for this post,  I heard  'cycles, cycles, cycles'.

What is it about the theme of cycles that is so important or relevant right now?

The answer received, was that bringing our awareness and perception to cycles large and small, helps us organize our consciousness around a more cohesive and peaceful field.

Awareness of cycles brings perspective, and from this larger view a greater wholeness can be perceived and intimately experienced. There are cycles within our lives, as well as the greater whole of humanity and Earth.  

The sun sets~ the moon rises. The seasons change. There is birth ~ and death.  There are micro-cycles and macro-cycles. Cycles of history. Cycles of health. Cycles of abundance. Cycles of being alone and being in relationship. Cycles of giving and receiving, and of comfort and loss. Cycles of rest, transformation, and spiritual expansion.  

So how does being aware of this help us in our lives?

When we are aware of the cyclic nature of things, we can perceive a larger picture. Paying homage to our cycles large and small,  enhances trust, centeredness, and calm amidst storms.  It is difficult to even notice a cycle unless we have a certain presence within ourselves. When we honor cycles, we enter a unique space of awareness. Here, we are aligned with a deep natural part of ourselves, and with Nature herself.  

What personal cycles are you aware of right now? Are you in a familiar cycle ? What cycles do you perceive around you at the moment, in someone close to you, in Nature, and in humanity as a whole?

What's the difference between cycles and patterns? Cycles and patterns can be related, and it can be helpful to become aware of their connection. For this post I am making a distinction between cycles and patterns in this way: Cycles are organic natural movements, and loops in personal or collective consciousness. They stem from natural biorhythms, astrological movements, seasonal influences, collective conditioning/ agreements, personal rhythms instilled since childhood, and things like that. Patterns are habits, personality traits, addictions, your go-to ways of dealing with things, false beliefs and the such. During a certain cycle, we may tend to engage in a certain pattern. 

 Life experience brings cyclic wisdom.

Cyclic wisdom opens limitations.   You know that your heartbreak will indeed heal; You understand that the struggle in your marriage is temporary and this allows you to feel calmer within the disconnection; You observe that when you feel like the external world has overwhelmed your internal world, you over eat, and so you make another choice; When you feel inadequate, you notice you become a workaholic, and so next time you take a day off for self-care or have lunch with a friend instead; You have seen times of human despair and seen the power of the human heart to bring positive change. You are aware that there is more than yourself  within the larger interconnectedness of the Universe. And you've grown to understand that your choices or intuitions aren't just about you, but can be for others in a way you aren't even aware of at the moment.   


Messages from the cards:


Elevation: This perspective, of seeing cycles, interconnection, and greater wholeness, is made possible or made buoyant by compassion and love. Compassion and love helps us live within this space, this consciousness. When we get pulled into drama, gossip, fight flight freeze, we are not holding wholeness within ourselves or for the world. Elevate.

 Give and receive: Unlimited flow of giving and receiving. We are part of something greater. Slow down, take time off from news media, allow rest in your relationships, and refine your ways of giving and receiving.

Faith: Knowing without Proof. Let faith guide and protect you.  Faith is like an inner magnet keeping you connected to your deep self, truth and place in the world. 

Become mindful of how you perceive the world and your place in it. We are being guided to infuse our cycles with love, care and gentleness, and to focus on the oneness and cohesiveness of Nature.  In this way we can walk with peace and awareness, carrying wholeness within ourselves, and carrying ourselves as wholeness itself. With Love, Compassion, and Faith, hold this consciousness, prayerfully to lift and assist humanity into greater peace, wholeness and well being.