Follow Flow

Listen to what's calling you.


"In positive psychology, flow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one's sense of space and time."... Wikipedia

Sometimes we do what we think we "should be doing", and struggle or get nothing done. Yesterday I thought I "should be" working on my paintings, but I didn't find FLOW until I followed my inner calling to clean out my art closet (yes, that's what I really wanted to be doing, I'm not being faceti :-)), which then set me in a groove that led me through a very fulfilling and productive day.  The thing that we usually would rather be doing, or the thing which we think we should be doing, sometimes isn't what the energies of the day (including astrological influences), and the wisdom of our soul know we need to be doing or are better served by.

Being in flow often feels like, for me, a path of falling dominoes. The energy is moving and one thing leads to the next. This can happen within a single focus/task , such as creating a painting, or it can play out in a series of seemingly different unrelated events, such as: journaling⇢ taking a walk⇢ going to the grocery store ⇢cleaning the kitchen ⇢talking to a friend ⇢ and responding to a synchronistic opportunity that arrives in your email inbox.  When in flow, you likely feel blissful, present, connected to Source, like you're being moved, and may look at the clock and often be surprised because you've been in an 'out of time' reality. 


Finding Flow

  • Can you remember a time when you last experienced flow?

  • What can you recall about its characteristics and how you got there?

  • Where is the flow for you in your life right now? What's working?

  • What isn't flowing?

  • Where do you experience flow? What activities, situations or experiences?

There is a depth and richness to the experience of flow. Sometimes we get a lot accomplished, but are not in an experience of flow, because we are in a state of stress, anxiety, doing something we don't really want to do, and are riddled with negative mind talk. So flow isn't about getting a lot done, but in my experience, when we are in flow, we end up feeling more inner peace, happy with what we've created or accomplished, and what needs to get done does get done eventually with greater ease and joy. 

To be in flow requires listening to what's calling you, to where you feel moved, and to those subtle whispers of Spirit.

To find flow, it is also very helpful to cultivate an inner state of gratitude and trust.

✤Truth is, sometimes we are not able to be doing what we really want to be doing, but we can still find flow by becoming present with what is, focusing on all we have to be grateful for, coming into acceptance -sometimes surrender, quieting the mind and entering the heart.


 One of the wonderful companions of flow, is synchronicity.

Being in flow is like riding on the river of your soul destiny.

Flow opens synchronicity. Whether it's simply being at the grocery store at the right time to help the elderly woman reclaim her orange that is rolling down the parking lot, or being ready to except that opportunity to share your work at the ocean retreat center.

For instance,  early on in my art career, I chose to listen to my inner calling to paint my experiences of energy medicine, and explore, through art, the interconnection of energy, essence, and the body. (here's one of my first paintings after beginning to study energy medicine) This choice, led to one of my first art shows ( in 1997 at Hummingbird Song) which led to being hired for several large mural commissions, and later manifested into the Goddess Energy Portraits™.  

Being in the flow can seriously feel magical. Have you experienced this? Gosh, I really hope that you have.


Often with our busy modern lives, finding flow requires first entering stillness.


Stillness brings us out of the cycle of automated routine, and allows us to drop deeper into ourselves. It is here that we touch into the inner voice, and the part of us that is able to listen to and be moved by Spirit or our Higher Self.

I frequently recommend for people to take a moment during the day and just stop. Just sit somewhere in your own private space, and do absolutely nothing for five minutes with the intention of stopping, self-connection and peace.  I think it can help tremendously to sit somewhere that you usually don't sit. For instance, in my house, I will sit on the edge of the kiva fireplace. The only time I sit there is when I'm doing this 'Stop'.  Eventually, I may need to pick a new place, in order to have a fresh spot with fresh energy.

If you have a 9 to 5-ish job, and maybe a family on top of that, perhaps find a spot at work and one at home,  to be alone for five minutes (perhaps as part of your lunch break)- somewhere new, maybe outdoors, and 'stop' there. Don't look at your cell phone, or read or even meditate- just for at least five minutes Be. Let yourself shift out of all the energy you had been engaging in, breathe, slow down, listen, daydream, and hold the intention of some stillness and not doing anything in particular.

I know it sounds simple. Sometimes we disregard the simple things, but they can be very profound. Give it a try and let me know what you experience. This simple action can help you enter flow, no matter what- where- or with who, you are.

I must mention here though that movement, music, doing something out of your usual routine, getting inspired by something or someone, all these things can help ignite flow. These things have the potential to connect us to ourselves, and when we are connected and present to ourselves, to our essence, flow is close by.


The cards that came for us are Healing & Infinite Supply:


Regeneration time is needed. Taking this time mends internal rifts, quiets mental chatter, negative self talk, and brings deep healing. It's time to drop into the yin, into stillness, and let the greater energies work within you and around you. 

Relax, trust, focus on what is working, and cultivate gratitude. You are part of a greater whole that is very wise and is always working on your behalf. The goddess Sedna is connected with the ocean, which is so in alignment with our message to drop deep, come into being, and flow.

What do you see in the images of the cards above? Let the imagery speak to you, and provide you with additional guidance.