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Distance Sessions

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Distance Sessions: 

Clients often say that they feel the work (yes, even in distance sessions), 'see colors' and feel 'lighter', clearer, and like "something shifted" during the session. During a distance session, I ask that you set aside time to be present with yourself and consciously connect with your energy, what you feel/sense/see; relax, meditate, sit outdoors, journal...etc. I don't do sessions with people while they are driving, watching small children, at work, or unable to have some private uninterrupted time.

 Phone Sessions: I will call you at our arranged session time. Our call can be recorded and there is no extra charge, I am happy to email the recording to you.  


  • Cancellation or rescheduling of sessions must be received within 24 hours of your session time.

  • No refunds of completed sessions

  • Sessions do not take the place of your doctors care.