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Energy Medicine

A session dedicated to supporting your well-being through work with your energy body, chakras, energy layers and intuitively channeled energy medicine & Light vibration. An energy medicine session can help greatly with physical issues, as well as with a relationship issue, spiritual connection, or moving towards a dream you have in your heart. 


Massage with Energy Medicine

Yes! You can have both.

Embodied Soul

The 'combination session'. These sessions are very holistic, working through energy medicine, intuitive guidance and bodywork. I find that most issues leave a trail throughout a person's being- in the chakras, the heart, mind, and physical body. These sessions provide an opportunity to assess & work on all those levels and 'sing in'/color/vibrate a healing resonance throughout your system. 


Conscious Therapeutic Massage

Conscious= with awareness and presence to the unique being you are and what you're bringing to your session this particular day. A graceful blend customized to your unique needs. May include Swedish, deep tissue, tigger point, cranio-sacral, a little energy medicine, chinese meridian therapy and warm stones. I work from both my solid training, as well as intuitively, in a deep state of listening. 

Embodied Soul Series Option

After your Embodied Soul session, it can be very beneficial to follow up on things that are moving, processing or integrating in your energy field, physical body, heart or mind. This series option includes 3 sessions: Embodied Soul Session to begin with, then a selection of the following- massage, energy medicine, intuitive reading or psychosynthesis coaching. Based on what we discover, and what comes through in the Embodied Soul session, we will determine together what's next and schedule 2 additional one hour sessions to be completed within 8 weeks, which means the sessions will occur close to every other week.