Soul Realignment®


Soul Realignment®


A Soul Realignment® session offers insights into who you are at soul level, your divine gifts, Soul specializations, life lesson/theme(s), and the blocks and restrictions that are currently limiting your full access and embodiment of your divine soul blueprint. 

HOW THE SESSION WORKS: Detailed information is accessed for you, from your Akashic records, prior to our phone call. I sit usually 3 times over a period of days to gather the information and bring it all together into the stories of your Soul. We then meet by phone for 60-75 minutes to discuss and explore the information, answer your questions, and engage clearing work. After our call you will receive a customized Clearing Affirmation which helps to integrate the session. An audio recording of our call is also included.

FOLOW UP CALL: 2-3 weeks after your session, we will meet for a 30 minute follow up call. This call is a check-in, to see how you’ve been feeling, and how the integration of the information & energy shifts are going.

Most sessions have brought forward 4-7 different Soul stories and associated blocks and restrictions to clear. I trust that whatever your soul is ready to look at and move towards clearing now, is what will come through.

  • become aware of your past life story, and associated blocks and restrictions to your original divine soul blueprint

  • be empowered to make new choices and enter new possibilities

  • receive intuitive guidance, a clearing of feeling stuck, and an opening to more of your authentic essence and potential.

  • experience an expanded state of yourself and refine your choices from a new place of clarity.  

  • Once you’ve had this initial Soul Realignment work, we can dive into other Akashic records work such as: Life Situation Reading, Spirit Guide Profile, and Relationship Reading.

“You must be willing to incarnate your theology and illuminate the world around you with the power of your soul, a power that ironically may not even require your voice at times. Such power comes through even in silence. Your sole/soul requirement is to commit to being devoted to your inner authority - to the divine. That devotion will give you the will to follow through on all that you are guided to do, say, and become in this life.” ~Caroline Myss, Entering the Castle.

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“ I very much enjoyed my session with you.  I haven't slept this well for almost 5 years.  I AM SO GRATEFUL !!  I am aware - on some level - that there are shifts going on within, but could not tell you what!  Thank you ;-)  Awesome work!”

“You showed me a relationship I have been having with a sister.  That has changed dramatically, or actually in-dramatically for me.  The cord that has bonded me to that repeated anger pattern has diminished to dissolve.  Presently her pattern of communication and interaction has not really changed on her part, but I am just not emotionally responding to them. That has really made a difference in my life.  I am now able to step back from situations and not feel the desperation of a manufactured responsibility to events that I am not really responsible for.  I have been able to observe them without stressful personal commitment.  Either I can do something about them, or do what I can without feeling like I NEEDED to do it. “

”Working with you has helped me become fuller in myself, grounded, confident.  I am able to communicate in adversary situations without losing my self, without losing my power. Thank you so much for the experience, you have walked me to higher awareness. I value the work you did for me with great gratitude.”

“What I can note now was a shift in my feelings toward myself.  I feel as though a weight has been lifted.  I cannot say specifically what weight….just feel a bit lighter.  After the homework was complete, there were two people who had been calling once a week for months, both suddenly stopped.  I didn’t question it.  I attributed it to the work, cause and effect. I was grateful for that shift!”