Your Inner Compass Part 1- Art Ritual


Your Inner Compass Part 1- Art Ritual



In this 60 minute session:

  • Enter into an intimate conversation with your own inner compass, that wise place within you that clearly guides and empowers you to discern and choose what is uniquely right for you.  
  • Access a personal message & symbol
  • Bring that into greater presence & integration through creating your art piece, an intentionally designed Art Ritual®.  

Intimate connection with your own inner knowing, your presence and intuitive creative space, provides the inner earth upon which clarity, depth, inspiration, personal sanctification and authentic expression may blossom. 

This session is an Art Ritual® in appetizer size. You receive your personal imagery to begin your art piece and we continue receiving more in depth healing & imagery in Your Inner Compass Part 2. 


he Art Rituals™ are like a massage for the Soul. Each guided inner journey and subsequent art making are a time for reconnecting with yourSelf, accessing inner wisdom, getting your creative juices flowing, clearing & aligning your energy and destressing, so you can be your radiant self. 

Care is taken to create a supportive, creative, gentle, heartful, healing & soulful environment, and no matter what your level of experience, you are encouraged to bring these qualities to yourself as well. 

In each session, you will connect with clarity, creativity, self healing potential, meaningful insights, inner resources, and healing around a certain theme. Then you will bring what you've accessed into form, presence & embodiment, through an intentionally designed Art Ritual™. This is energy shifting & art as medicine. 

You will be creating your art, but artistic experience is not required. You can do this!

The supplies I suggest for creating your art are:

*set of 50 crayola markers
*pencil, pen & eraser
*heavyweight paper such as bristol board, heavy watercolor paper or poster board. (8.5x11 inches or a little larger )
*metallic gel pens in silver & gold

You are welcome to use any additional art materials that you love (stickers, glitter...)