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Paint Your Own Goddess Kit with online Instructional Painting Videos

Paint your own Goddess with the Goddess Painting Kit. I’m very excited about this! With your purchase, you receive access to a series of online videos in which I share some instructions, tips and tricks to accompany your creation of your own unique goddess painting.

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Energy Gift Spirit Temple

About nine years ago I started the Energy Gift Spirit Circle (as it was called then). 

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I continue to hear from and work with many people who love guided meditation, energy healing, intuitive readings, exploring and connecting with their inner essence.

People who have found that these things bring enormous benefits to their lives… 

and people (myself included) that are feeling a call to be in group energy that involves these things.

Group energy provides support, helps us remember to make time for ourselves, nourishes our need for tribe, community and social connection. 

Group energy also potentiates energy and intentions, through the natural law of harmonic resonance.  


Art Rituals®

 In each session, you will connect with creativity, self healing potential, meaningful insights, inner resources, and transformative self understandings. 

Then you will bring what you've accessed into form, presence & embodiment, through an intentionally designed Art Ritual™. This is energy shifting & art as medicine. 



Integrate the beauty, gifts & guidance of each chakra, and have an array of 'tools' to come back to again & again for support & self care. This process has helped me so much both personally and professionally with my clients, and I'm excited to share it with you! To learn more and be notified of the next CII offering, please contact me.