Healing Attunement Mandalas

The series of mandala paintings began as a deep personal exploration & prayerful channeling of
symbols, colors and imagery for heart healing.

The Healing Attunement Mandalas™ attune a person and their space (home, office, meditation room) to certain desirable energies. In this way, they are supported in bringing into their life-experience more of these vibrations such as happiness, abundance, inner knowing, health and peace. These channeled combinations of symbols, colors and imagery offer support for healing, evolution of consciousness and attunement to your highest wellbeing. Custom commissions are also available.

Many of the mandala images align with different crystals, scents, ascended masters and Angels. By simply placing them in your space, meditation, Feng Shui, dreamwork or healing sessions, the mandalas assist in such gifts as Self Love, Happiness, Abundance, and Inner Knowing. 

It is often beneficial to work with several mandalas together, as different groupings will create different healing energies and a symbiosis, each mandala assisting the other.

Prints available on paper or stretched canvas.

Click on images for full view. 


*Place the mandala in your home somewhere where you will see it often so the energies may begin working with you.
*Meditate on the mandala image, allowing all your senses to interact with the imagery. If you can, try to FEEL the piece. You may even close your eyes and visualize the mandala imagery filling your energy field. As you do this, the imagery and colors may shift and move. That's OK! If at any point you feel too offtrack, just refamiliarize yourself with the mandala and continue. 
*One of my favorite ways to work with the mandalas is to sleep with one or more by the bed and allow them to work during the dreamtime. 
*Feng Shui- place the mandalas in correlating areas of you home (wealth, relationships..etc) 
*It is often beneficial to work with several mandalas at the same time. Different groupings will create different healing energies and a symbiosis- each mandala assisting the other. You may wish to start a folder or notebook for your mandalas.

The Healing Attunement Mandalas are a beneficial complimentary tool for Healing Practitioners, Workshop Facilitators, Life Coaches, Feng Shui Practitioners and Spiritual Mentors. You may wish to include them as a creative element in your workshops, and healing sessions or recommend them to clients. I'm happy to talk with you. Please CONTACT ME with your interest.