A Sacred Space ~ A Class ~ An Energy Attunement

For self care, soul nourishment, sacred centering, and well-being.

Join in from wherever you are, by phone or online. 


During each Energy Gift Spirit Temple, we invoke sacred space within us and to surround us. This invocation utilizes the sacred geometry of the torus, star tetrahedron and alignment with the hara line.

We have a private Facebook group! About once a week I post, provide short video teachings, and sometimes even offer free mini readings. Come join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/energygiftcircle/ 

* required


About nine years ago I started the Energy Gift Spirit Circle (as it was called then). 

I continue to hear from and work with many people who love guided meditation, energy healing, intuitive readings, exploring and connecting with their inner essence.

People who have found that these things bring enormous benefits to their lives… 

and people (myself included) that are feeling a call to be in group energy that involves these things.

Group energy provides support, helps us remember to make time for ourselves, nourishes our need for tribe, community and social connection. 

Group energy also potentiates energy and intentions, through the natural law of harmonic resonance.  

As an introvert, I have found groups, (both in person and distance,.. such as the women's group I've been a part of for over 15 years, the groups I’ve personally facilitated, groups in the form of classes and workshops…) to be one of the elements at the very core of what keeps me balanced, inspired, and connected.. connected not just to others but to myself... My true self.

Many independent, amazing people that I talk to say the same thing… that this is important in their lives, or that they are seeking such a place and group. 


The Energy Gift Spirit Temple is-

 * a sacred space to nourish yourself in high vibrational energies

* a safe container to be in group energy and support

* a place to receive intuitive guidance and energy medicine  

* a space to connect with and explore your own Truth and essence, through guided journeys, energy attunements, intuition, psychosynthesis, and art 

* occasionally similar to a mini-class (themes may include intuitive development, life purpose, seeding potential, relationships, creativity… etc.)

* grounded in my years of study and experience with energy medicine, intuition, guided meditation, yoga, and psychosynthesis. 


This group is for spiritual souls, creatives, healers, students of life, seekers, mystics, goddesses, peaceful warriors, introspectives, people of all genders and religious backgrounds, people who enjoy energy medicine, intuitive reading, and guided meditation. 


* At the moment these take place whenever I’m inspired or there’s interest expressed.

* Gatherings may vary a little bit in structure to allow for creative freedom and what comes through intuitively for me- for us- prior to the event.  

* Each event includes a group message and group energy medicine. 

* Some participants will have the opportunity to receive personal intuitive reading and/or energy medicine from me during the gathering. I’ll be mindful not to work with the same people over and over, but to make sure everyone has an opportunity. 

* This is a no pressure group. You won't be put on the spot to speak or share if you don't want to, you may come just to listen and be in the energy. 

* Each gathering may vary, lasting anywhere from 30-60 minutes, and will not be recorded.

* Includes membership in our private Facebook group


Where: online/phone TBA 

Cost: TBA

 If you're interested, here’s how to proceed:

 Let me know of your interest by submitting your contact information in the turquoise box back near the top of this page. Then watch your email for announcements of the next gathering.




more information soon....