A Sacred Space ~ A Class ~ An Energy Attunement

For self care, soul nourishment, sacred centering, and well-being.

Join in from wherever you are, by phone or online. 


During each Energy Gift Spirit Circle, we invoke sacred space within us and to surround us. This invocation utilizes the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron and alignment with the hara line. I describe this in more detail during the circle.

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 Upcoming Events: 

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Past Events


 Being the Bridge- Saturday November 4th at 3:30p MDT (2:30p pacific\ 4:30p central \ 5:30p eastern) Recording of the audio/video will be available afterwards. 

Through exploration, Guided Journey and energy transmission, cultivate your evolution as a clearer bridge of your unique individual divine essence & contribution to the new emerging communal consciousness. How do we hold our unique individual essence in presence with life, within the Oneness? Being the Bridge is beautifully conscious and empowered space that supports your personal path, clarity and well-being. We will also include a group seeding of healing for humanity & the Earth.



Core Light Healing Session- Sunday, June 18th at 2p MDT (1p pacific \ 3p central \ 4p eastern)

Bring your health concerns, your relationship issues, or life challenges, and let's bathe them in healing light.

If you don't have any of these, please come anyway to connect with your core light and magnify the healing Light for others on the call.



Aligning with Original Soul Intention- April 27th at 7:30p MDT (6:30p pacific \ 8:30p central \ 9:30p eastern)

Connect and align with your source of your own original soul identity and intentions for being here. In sacred space, engage in a profound yet simple energetic process that will assist you to tap into that core place of interior alignment. This will clarify and strengthen your space of intentionality, facilitating the process of bringing more of (or the next evolution of) your true essence and soul's callings into all you are and do. 


Your Center of Serenity- March 30th at 6:30p mountain time (5:30p pst\ 7:30p cst\ 8:30p est). During this 35-45 minutes, through Guided Journey and group energy medicine, de-stress and connect with your center of calm. This will be a nuturing session for your body, mind, heart and soul. 

Join us in a special heartfelt energy intention for each other and humanity. 


Presence with the Heart - February 12 at 3pm mountain time (2p pst \ 4p cst\ 5p est) During this 45-60 minutes, through Guided Journey and group energy medicine, you will be connecting with your Heart space, bringing deep loving presence to whatever is there, receiving your own healing and insight, and activating the wisdom and alchemy of the Heart.


Your Soul Seed - January 6th & 14th. In this gathering, through Guided Journey, you will connect with a high vibrational part of your own essence that is ready to be revealed, embodied and expressed over the course of this year.  


SEPT 11, 2016 Heart Clear, Nourish and Ignite. In this group meditative energy medicine practice we focused on the well-being and nourishment of the Heart space. Participants were guided through an energy meditation and practice that opened the wisdom of the Heart, moved any blockages, and brought healing or insights to the participants own chosen issue/situation or desire. ~ no recording is available at this time ~


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