PrayerCards Oracle Deck

26 cards packaged in a beautiful beaded pouch.

Created in 2002, the front of each card displays Beth's artwork and a keyword (such as Life Purpose, Angelic Guidance, Goddess, Resourcefullness...etc) while on the back is a beautiful affirmative prayer. The deck may be used for daily inspiration or as an oracle deck and makes a sweet and thoughtful gift.

*(images on the deck are of artwork from about 1993-2000.)

How Many?

Fine Art Giclee Prints

Prints of many of my original paintings are available on high quality paper or canvas. Canvas prints are stretched over a frame, artist embellished. Artist embellished means I add little hand painted touches to reflect aspects of the original painting such as an irredecent moon or metallic gold spot of color. This adds beauty and value to your canvas print.

Prints may be viewed and purchased through Etsy. If you don't see the image you'd like there, please contact me.



Custom Guided Journey

A custom Guided Journey audio created just for you as a follow up to your energy medicine session or intuitive painting commission. Based on the information and energy that came through during your session, the custom audio will assist you in integrating the session, and  serve as a touchstone you can return to again and again to reconnect with the energies. 

The custom journeys are available to those who have had a recent (within 1 week) session with me, a recent painting commission or as an add on to a session you are scheduling now.  The downloadable audio will be emailed. 

Chakra Intuitive Intensive

Beyond the basics, this in depth program brings you into a clearer deeper relationship with each of your seven chakras. You will then be more adept at recognizing which needs care, as well as how to drawn upon their gifts to assist you in your life.  The program includes videos, art making and one on one sessions.