" May you know the Beauty and Truth that is Who You Are. May you know the Wisdom within, and always listen to and express the Song of your Soul. "

- Beth Budesheim


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Goddess Painting Kits- Watch this video of the creation of the Goddess of Inner Calm. Then order your own goddess painting kit to create your own!……MORE DETAILS


Soul Realignment® - Intuitive Reading & Healing. Learn about your soul, your divine gifts, soul specializations, life lesson/theme(s), and the blocks and restrictions that are currently limiting your full access and embodiment of your divine soul blueprint. …LEARN MORE

Your Inner Life is as important as Your Outer Life

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Currently living in New Mexico, Beth is an energy healer, former RN, Artist, Intuitive, Soul Realignment® practitioner, Bodyworker, and certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach. Through seeing who her clients are at the transpersonal soul dimension, and assisting via her keen intuitive gifts and healership, she supports them to find greater peace, clarity, wholeness, and knowing of their own essence. She is able to assist with a variety of issues, including moving towards heart dreams, physical issues, spiritual opening, life purpose, and relational struggles. Her sessions and offerings include energy medicine and chakra work, online events, intuitive readings, art commissions, helpful guided meditations and more. Sessions are available in-person, and through phone, Skype and email.



I think you have the most peaceful and angelic energy of anyone I have ever met here on earth. I have met lots energy healers, artist and spiritual people just due my own interest in these areas but yours is very different to me.
“Thank You Beth ....I love that you have taken the time to do this . I am having a lot of heat rushing through me at the moment ....AA Michael says its the healing you have done .....Thank you again
Hugs and Love to you..
yes a lot of heat but also like fluttering going through my body and a headache ..it’s not uncomfortable the flutterings are like 1000 brushing of wings I guess is the only way to describe it . The heat is like chanelling AA Michael ...the headahe feels like letting toxic stuff go ......But I had a great workout at the gym this morning It felt like excitement at my new lifestyle.....I did more cardio easier...i had a spiritual workout coach helping me .... So I truly thank you Beth and I will.... keep you posted .
Light and Love
“I very much enjoyed my session with you.  I haven’t slept this well for almost 5 years.  I AM SO GRATEFUL !!  I am aware - on some level - that there are shifts going on within, but could not tell you what!  Thank you ;-)  Awesome work!”


”Working with you has helped me become fuller in myself, grounded, confident.  I am able to communicate in adversary situations without losing my self, without losing my power. Thank you so much for the experience, you have walked me to higher awareness. I value the work you did for me with great gratitude.”