"When we devote some calm time to the heart and come off the treadmill of stress and distraction, we can enter into the beauty within." To do so "...heals you and calls you out beyond the smallness of your own self-limitation, to experience new horizons. To experience beauty is to have your life enlarged." -John O'Donohue

What's important to me in my life and work is to cultivate and keep deeply in touch with my Heart and Soul, to live with awareness, authentic wisdom, sacred connection, presence, holistic well-being and creativity.

My life journey so far has taken me into various places and experiences. I was a biology major in college, then a fine arts major in painting. During this time I was also learning about energy medicine and intuition.  A few years after graduating with my BFA, I went to nursing school and became a registered nurse, as which I had the privilege of helping the elderly, then helping women through the birthing process and caring for their beloved newborns. My nursing career served well to support my interest and further studies into energy medicine, and bodywork. 

I am always seeking to know myself, follow my heart and soul, and share with others. I have loved learning from others, studying various modalities and healing practices, and continue to do so. Yet, at the core it has always been about my own personal connection to Spirit. I have to listen to and express my own unique soul, innate healership, allow whatever I learn to contribute, and also allow something that's much greater, follow how healing and Spirit wants to move me and move through me. It's a continual practice. I could say much of the same about my artwork.



Education and Certifications

• Registered Nurse- Mary Grimes School of Nursing

• Licensed Massage Therapist- Massage Therapy Training Institute, KCMO (now called the WellSpring School of Allied Health)

• Bachelors of Fine Arts- University of Kansas with a BFA in painting

• Energy Medicine Practitioner-  Hands of Light workshop with Barbara Brennan. Workshops with Ursula Gilkeson, Lawrence, KS. White Cloud Institute in Santa Fe, NM.

• Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner- certified by Doreen Virtue PhD

• Yoga Practitioner- Active practice since 1993. Prajna Yoga Teacher Training- (currently enrolled)

• Psychosynthesis Guide & Life Coach- Transpersonal psychology based Psychosynthesis Guide and Life Coach, The Synthesis Center- (currently enrolled) 

* MogaDao with Master Zhenzan Dao- Qigong, Yoga, Heart Mind Warrior Training, Inward Honing, Sacred Daoist Sexuality,- currently


Additional Coursework, Trainings and Experience

• Transcendental Meditation-  one on one mentorship in 1993 and start of lifelong practice.

• Vision Quest-  Weeklong workshop and 3 day Vision Quest with Brooke Medicine Eagle in Montana, 1995

 • Aromatherapy and Goddess Retreats with Joan Clark, 2006-present

Peru- 10 days in the jungle of deep contemplation and ceremony. 2016



Angel Therapy Practitioner® - Licensed Massage Therapist (NM-LMT #7005) - RN - NCBTMB