"When we devote some calm time to the heart and come off the treadmill of stress and distraction, we can enter into the beauty within." To do so "...heals you and calls you out beyond the smallness of your own self-limitation, to experience new horizons. To experience beauty is to have your life enlarged." -John O'Donohue

Beth is an energy healer, former RN, Artist, Intuitive, Soul Realignment® practitioner, Bodyworker, and certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach. Through seeing who her clients are at the transpersonal soul dimension, and assisting via her keen intuitive gifts and healership, she supports them to find greater peace, clarity, wholeness, and knowing of their own essence. She is able to assist with a variety of issues, including moving towards heart dreams, physical issues, spiritual opening, life purpose, and relational struggles. Her sessions and offerings include energy medicine and chakra work, online events, intuitive readings, art commissions, helpful guided meditations and more.

For over 18 years, she has been assisting and supporting others through her art, sessions, and ability to see energy, essence, and potentialities.

She is the author of the PrayerCards oracle deck, creator of Art Rituals, many Guided Journeys, and intuitive painting commissions for people all over the globe. In her work she accesses intuitive guidance, clears the pathways to core essence, untangles blocks, supports healing of physical or emotional issues, brings balance to the chakras and (re)ignites the Light body. In this way, she assists people with various issues or calls from the Self/Heart, helps them access their own empowerment, and to know their own unique essence, truth and beauty.




Awakenings- Cover Image
Aspire Magazine- Cover, June/July 2007 issue, self portrait image
Visitors at My Door by Sabrina Fay-2006,image pg.43 "Mystic's Passage"
We'Moon - 2004 Wall Calender & date book
We'Moon- 2003 date book
The Season of Light- Collection of Poetry 2001, cover image
Evolving Woman- March 2000 issue, cover image-"Shamanwoman"
Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth by James Gilkeson-published by Marlowe & Company 2000, 75 grayscale illustrations


2008-2017 Goddess Energy Portraits & Personal Mandala Commissions
2007- CD cover image for Abra Kadibra
2005- 2007 Personal Healing Mandalas for private collectors across North America
2004- 2007 Goddess Energy Portraits for private collectors across North America
2004 Mural Private Commission- Mermaid, Sunflowers
2004 Mural Presentations Beauty Salon- Flowers and script around full size mirror
2001 Murals Private commission- Full room scene of Tai Chi figures
2000 Murals for Terri Cullen, Hummingbird Song House of Healing- 3 full rooms- Fairies in the forest; Egyptian figures & symbology; Mountains & sunset with woman drumming


2009- ColorFull Visions Radio- Host Beth Budesheim
2009- Radio Interview- "Outside the Box Radio' Host Tracy Thiem, PhD
2009- Radio interview- 'Beat the Health out of You' Host Sumya Anani
2008- Radio interview - 'The Artist's Lifestyle'. Host Laura Hollick
2007- Interview by Sumara Love of Celestopea Times


Solo Shows

2009 Select Paintings Annapurna Chai House
Santa Fe, NM

2006 Healing Attunement Mandalas
WhiteLight Holistic Resource Center
Kansas City, MO

2005 Select Paintings
WhiteLight Holistic Resource Center
Kansas City, MO

2004 Love
The Yoga Gallery
Kansas City, MO

2003 Select Paintings
Sacred Earth Arts
Kansas City, MO

1997 Spiritual Intuitive Art
Hummingbird Song



Group Shows

2006 Select Paintings
Blue Wolf Arts Gallery
Kansas City, MO

2005 & 2006 UnPlaza Art Fair
Kansas City, MO 

2005 The Divine Feminine
Juried Show at The Bohemian Gallery
Kansas City, MO
AWARD- 2nd Place for “Feminine Divine”

2005 Still Life
The Bohemian Gallery
Kansas City, MO

2005 The Body
The Bohemian Gallery
Kansas City, MO

2002 Healing Art & Services

The Edge Life Expo
Minneapolis, MN

2002 Healing Art & Services
Body Mind Spirit Expo
Kansas City, MO

2001 Spiritual, Angelic & Fairy Art
Unity Temple on the Plaza
Kansas City, MO

Education and Certifications

• Registered Nurse

• Licensed Massage Therapist

• Bachelors of Fine Arts

• Energy Medicine Practitioner

• Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner

• Yoga Practitioner & Prajna Yoga Teacher Training- (currently enrolled)

Psychosynthesis Life Guide ( The Synthesis Center graduate. Life coaching with transpersonal psychology aspects and emphasis on the call of Self ) 

•  MogaDao with Master Zhenzan Dao- Qigong, Yoga, Heart Mind Warrior Training, GongFu, Inward Honing, Sacred Daoist Sexuality,- currently

• Disconnection from the Collective Shadow® and Cellular Activation®

• Soul Realignment®



Additional Coursework, Trainings and Experience

• Coursework in Chinese Meridian Therapy, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, and Craniosacral Therapy   

Transcendental Meditation-  one on one mentorship in 1993 and start of lifelong practice.

• Vision Quest-  Weeklong workshop and 3 day Vision Quest with Brooke Medicine Eagle in Montana, 1995

 • Aromatherapy with Joan Clark, 2006-present

* Goddess Retreats with Joan Clark, 2006-present

Peru- 10 days in the jungle of deep contemplation and ceremony. 2016



Angel Therapy Practitioner® - Licensed Massage Therapist (NM-LMT #7005) - RN - NCBTMB