Energy Medicine

During this session we address your well-being by looking at and working with your energy body, which is both around and within you. An energy medicine session can help greatly with physical issues, as well as with a relationship issue, spiritual connection, or moving towards a dream you have in your heart. 

During your session,  I listen deeply, opening to receive information from your energy system, through my clairvoyant vision and connection with my guides, angels and yours. As I work, I can only describe it as this... that healing energy and information is channeled through me, I observe and participate in what is unfolding, and communicate that to you as best I can. Descriptions of imagery, healing colors, sacred geometry, intuitive information, and practical guidance come through that give you tools you may continue to work with after the session.

In depth sessions include time for more intuitive reading. In-person sessions may include aromatherapy and flower essences. 

  • In person, one hour...$80    
  • Distance Session, one hour...$80
  • In depth session- Distance or in-person (90min)....$125  
“Beth is an amazing healer and very gifted at what she does working with the psychic surgery. I cannot begin to thank her enough for the healing energy that she sent me. During the weekend I felt energy while I was laying in bed. It felt like a mild pressure almost like a basketball pressing gently on my right shoulder and neck. I felt a blanket of energy around me; it was a feeling of complete relaxation and calm. By the end of the evening the pain that I had felt in my shoulder and neck was gone. For the first time in 20 years, I was able to sleep without the need to use an ointment to soothe the area.

I love the point of stillness meditation that Beth gave me. I do rest best when I have dark and calm. I am really looking forward to what else will unfold from this session. It feels like it was just the beginning.

I am planning to have more sessions with Beth. I really believe in her gift.
— Angela Hartfield
Thank you so much for your help and recording. I almost feel miraculous changes and shifts today so it was a timely boost of healing and alignment. Your voice is always so comforting and healing in itself, do you record meditation or other healing modality CD’s? If not, it’s something that you should consider. Have a beautiful day!
— DH
I’ve worked with beth for the past 4 years. She is a kind, intuitive, gentle energy worker who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I also took her art chakra program; it was fun, inspiring and informative - worth more than she charged.
— Tina Mackin
Thank you so much, Beth, for the healing session and the birthday wishes. Both are greatly appreciated.
Your words were right on target for me....I do so thank you for being the wonderful, generous, wise, loving and evolved soul that you are. Your spark of divinity ignites that same spark in others and you do it so lovingly.

Intuitive Readings

I work predominantly with clairvoyance, energy reading, oracle cards, mediumship, channeling and Psychosynthesis guiding, to access supportive honest insight, and assist you in your process towards more clarity, fulfillment , peace and happiness. 

 Sessions may focus on your specific areas of interest, current issues, relationships, work/life purpose, spirit guides...etc. For health issues or concerns, please schedule an Energy Medicine session.  

  • Email Reading...$50
  • Phone 30min..$70
  • Phone 60min...$100
“Hi Beth! I just got home from Arkansas and have been gone all weekend. Wow, thank you for the beautiful reading, bless you! You are so right on about everything, love it.....Thanks so much for all your amazing insight, you are a wonderful reader!”
— KK, California

THANK YOU for a most excellent reading. . . . . in fact, THE best one I have ever had. I was totally blown away. You were so accurate and so spot on.
— Trish
Hello Beth, I wanted to thank you for the amazing reading and the beautiful cards! I’ve gone over the reading a couple of times and felt really moved by it - especially the part where you said you felt a gnostic healer guide with me that felt like Jesus. I frequently get that Christ-type feeling but thought maybe I was imagining things, and reading this actually brought tears to my eyes. The other thing that really struck me was the part about a teacher-type named Gregory. I had a vivid vision of someone who fits that description but didn’t know who it was, so it must be Gregory! I want to do some internet research to see if I can find out something about him.
The cards are GORGEOUS, and I was not expecting them to be so beautifully presented in the amazing bags! I really love them and will probably order a couple more as it gets closer to Christmas. They’ll make amazing gifts!
Thank you so very much. Your reading really touched me, and I look forward to getting another one in the future.
Much love and blessings!
— Joni ~ Santa Fe, NM


Embodied Soul

The 'combination session'. These sessions are very holistic, working through energy medicine, intuitive guidance and bodywork. I find that most issues leave a trail throughout a person's being- in the chakras, the heart, mind, and physical body. These sessions provide an opportunity to assess & work on all those levels and 'sing in'/color/vibrate a healing resonance throughout your system. 

Your session may include massage, energy medicine, chakra clearing & balancing, intuitive guidance/ reading, psychosynthesis, flower essences, and aromatherapy.  Together we will create a plan for your session, or series of sessions, that best addresses your current needs and desired outcomes. [See series option here.] Includes full chakra assessment both before and after your session and chart. [See example] 

  • 2 hours... $135 (just a heads-up- price may be going up in the Fall of 2017)

Conscious Therapeutic Massage  

and Massage with Energy Medicine

Conscious= with awareness and presence to the unique being you are and what you're bringing to your session this particular day. A graceful blend customized to your unique needs. May include Swedish, deep tissue, tigger point, cranio-sacral, energy medicine, chinese meridian therapy and warm stones. I work from both my solid training, as well as intuitively, in a deep state of listening. 

  • 60min...$80
  • 75min..$95
  • 90min...$110  
I have been seeing Beth for several years after seeking relief from occupational stress and muscular aches. She has a unique ability to locate painful areas and provide relief. Her energy medicine in particular has helped me with some 4 am insomnia and allowed me to sleep through the night. I have referred her to close friends and continue to see her regularly.
— C.H., Santa Fe, NM
The first time I had a massage by Beth, I felt like a healthier more vibrant person as soon as I got off the table. She works the physical while also engaging the meridians’ energetic flow. I noticed that for days afterward I felt everything in my body was flowing and functioning at a higher level. Beth has an angelic spirit, the environment is beautiful, her music is thoughtful and evocative, her essential oils and chakra testing are superb, and finally her intuition is powerful. I highly recommend her.
— Pamela Gregg Flax, Santa Fe, Full Well Acupuncture

"When we devote some calm time to the heart and come off the treadmill of stress and distraction, we can enter into the beauty within." To do so "...heals you and calls you out beyond the smallness of your own self-limitation, to experience new horizons. To experience beauty is to have your life enlarged." - John O'Donohue

Embodied Soul Series Option

After your Embodied Soul session, it can be very beneficial to follow up on things that are moving, processing or integrating in your energy field, physical body, heart or mind. This series option includes 3 sessions: Embodied Soul Session to begin with, then a selection of the following- massage, energy medicine, intuitive reading or psychosynthesis coaching. Based on what we discover, and what comes through in the Embodied Soul session, we will determine together what's next and schedule 2 additional one hour sessions to be completed within 7 weeks, which means the sessions will occur close to every other week.

  • $265 for all three sessions. (saves you $30+)
  • $295 if you'd like you series to consist of: Embodied Soul (2hr) + 60 min energy medicine + 90min massage 

Centering Sessions

When you need some 'you' time in a relaxing healing space on the Amythest Biomat. May include a 10min head and/or foot massage, aroma-synergy, and flower essence. Ambient music and guided meditations are available to choose from.  

  • $50 for one hour.


Meditation Instruction

more info coming soon...

Beth is far more than a skilled masseuse. She is sensitive and intuitive, balancing the physical and spiritual aspects of massage. During my mother’s final decline and death, Beth’s compassion and extraordinary healing touch helped me find my way through that dark time. I have never experienced anything like it before and am blessed to have Beth as my massage practitioner.
— Blythe Fortin, Santa Fe, NM
Yesterday in the morning I showed someone that I could not bend 3 of my toes - by night time I could bend them all! My foot feels much freer, if that makes sense?! I feel like I’m placing much more weight on it, and when I got out of bed I wasn’t as careful with it as I’ve had to be the last few months. I walked downstairs much easier this morning too...and been walking much better today. Thank you for your generous gift and the huge difference it has made to me.
— JH
Beth thank you so much. I felt a swirling energy around my leg right before I read your post, and It is definately not hurting as much. I feel like there is a shield over it. Thank you I will keep you updated.
— H.V. (had continued pain after melanomma removals)
Beth is very intuitive, finds all the tension spots without having to tell her about them. She is very responsive to instruction as well. It is a great overall massage but also feels like it is healing in a multi-dimensional way.
— Nirvair Singh Khalsa

more info coming soon...