Sessions may include one or more of the following: 

  • Energy Medicine

  • Intuitive Reading & Guidance

  • Soul Realignment®

  • Psychosynthesis Life Coaching

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Flower Essences

  • Aromatherapy

  • Crystals

  • Therapeutic Massage/Bodywork

  • Guided Journey™


"When we devote some calm time to the heart and come off the treadmill of stress and distraction, we can enter into the beauty within." To do so "...heals you and calls you out beyond the smallness of your own self-limitation, to experience new horizons. To experience beauty is to have your life enlarged." - John O'Donohue



Soul Realignment®….$130 (special intro rate)

One Question/Topic Email Reading......$50

Session by phone or in-person 30min....$70

One hour in-person...$80-$90

One hour distance session.....$100

90min distance or in-person........$125  

2 hours in-person.........$145

Home & Palliative care...learn more

Energy Medicine & Prayer for Pets...learn more

  Sessions may be recorded, and there's no extra charge for the recording. Scans of oracle cards chosen for you (during distance sessions) are also provided.  See below for audio samples of sessions. Distance sessions may involve time both on the phone and off phone, during which you will relax while receiving energy medicine.

 More about the ways I work:

Most sessions are a blend of two or more of the following: energy medicine, intuitive insights & guidance, bodywork, psychosynthesis life coaching, and oracle card reading. Let me know what speaks to you, and we will design a session around your needs. 


Energy Medicine 

Energy Medicine clears what has become congested, stuck, or 'taken on'.  It can assist with what has become repressed, misaligned or forgotten. The result  is feeling more like 'you' again, feeling more calm, centered, able, clear and connected. 

Energy medicine may include:

  • chakra clearing & infusion of 'Light information'

  • assistance with physical issues, health issues, or relationship issue,

  • intuitive guidance

  • Disconnection from the Collective Shadow®

  • Cellular Activation®

  • dissolving unhealthy relationship cords

  • strengthening spiritual connection

  • moving towards a dream you have in your heart.

I listen deeply, opening to receive information from your energy system, through my clairvoyant vision and connection with my guides,  "the healer beings", angels and yours. As I work, I can only describe it as this... that healing energy and information is channeled through me, I observe and participate in what is unfolding, and communicate that to you as best I can. Descriptions of imagery, healing colors, sacred geometry, intuitive information, and practical guidance come through that give you tools you may continue to work with after the session.  


Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment® is a modality which involves not only looking at your divine gifts and who you are at soul level, but also takes an in depth dive into what may be currently blocking your full embodiment and expression of your divine soul blueprint. This involves looking at current life patterns as well as past life situations.

A Soul Realignment® Session involves in depth session work before we even meet on the phone and so ends up being about 3hr+ total session time. Read my article about Soul Realignment® HERE.

Intuitive Reading 

Intuitive Readings bring insights, clarify direction, and offer higher guidance. Underlying patterns, energies in play, archetypes, and supports may be illuminated for the area of your life you are asking about. Readings bring healing energy to issues and help realign your life and circumstances with your essence, your sacred self and potentials.  

I work predominantly with:

  • clairvoyance

  • energy reading

  • oracle cards

  • claircognizance

  • Clairsentience, mediumship, channeling and Psychosynthesis guiding are also part of my repertoire.

My intention is always to access supportive honest insight, and assist you in your process towards more clarity, fulfillment , peace and happiness.  We may focus on your specific areas of interest, current issues, relationships, work/life purpose, spirit guides...etc. 



"In its most basic sense, Psychosynthesis is simply a name for the process of personal growth: the natural tendency in each of us to harmonize or synthesize our various aspects at ever more inclusive levels of organization. In its more specific sense, Psychosynthesis is a name for the conscious attempt to cooperate with the natural process of personal development.  All living things contain within them a drive to evolve, to become the fullest realization of themselves.  This process can be supported consciously, and Psychosynthesis is one means to do this.....Psychosynthesis dates from 1911 and the early work of Roberto Assagioli, an Italian Psychiatrist, and one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis in Italy," ~ The Synthesis Center

I am certified as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach, and assist people to hear their higher self and true self, release the grip of patterns and hindering subpersonalities, and move towards wholeness. This work is done through dialogue, guided imagery, and sometimes art.   

Session Samples

{Edited (for length and privacy), samples of sessions, posted with permission from these clients. May take a minute to load; scroll forward within the player.}    

Thank you so much, Beth, for the healing session and the birthday wishes. Both are greatly appreciated.
Your words were right on target for me....I do so thank you for being the wonderful, generous, wise, loving and evolved soul that you are. Your spark of divinity ignites that same spark in others and you do it so lovingly.
  Click on image for more information

Click on image for more information

I’ve worked with beth for the past 4 years. She is a kind, intuitive, gentle energy worker who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I also took her art chakra program; it was fun, inspiring and informative - worth more than she charged.
— Tina Mackin

“Hi Beth! I just got home from Arkansas and have been gone all weekend. Wow, thank you for the beautiful reading, bless you! You are so right on about everything, love it.....Thanks so much for all your amazing insight, you are a wonderful reader!”
— KK, California
THANK YOU for a most excellent reading. . . . . in fact, THE best one I have ever had. I was totally blown away. You were so accurate and so spot on.
— Trish

 At Home & Palliative Care


It has been my great honor and privilege to work with people during health challenge situations, and life phases that make home visits the most viable option. To bring comfort, peace and a bit a pleasure to their day, is very special to me. Because of my nursing background, I am very comfortable with a variety of health issues and circumstances. I have had the opportunity to work with people recovering from surgery, in advanced stage Alzheimers and congestive heart failure. Please contact if you are interested in talking about home visits for yourself or a loved one.


Hello Beth, I wanted to thank you for the amazing reading and the beautiful cards! I’ve gone over the reading a couple of times and felt really moved by it - especially the part where you said you felt a gnostic healer guide with me that felt like Jesus. I frequently get that Christ-type feeling but thought maybe I was imagining things, and reading this actually brought tears to my eyes. The other thing that really struck me was the part about a teacher-type named Gregory. I had a vivid vision of someone who fits that description but didn’t know who it was, so it must be Gregory! I want to do some internet research to see if I can find out something about him.
The cards are GORGEOUS, and I was not expecting them to be so beautifully presented in the amazing bags! I really love them and will probably order a couple more as it gets closer to Christmas. They’ll make amazing gifts!
Thank you so very much. Your reading really touched me, and I look forward to getting another one in the future.
Much love and blessings!
— Joni ~ Santa Fe, NM

To schedule a session:  You may reserve a session by CONTACTING ME - let me know what type of session you are interested in and some days/times that might work for you.  Or CHOOSING & SUBMITTING YOUR REQUEST HERE .  It's important that we are a good fit to work together, so I'm happy to answer any questions, by email, that you might have about the session and process, and will get back to you usually within 1-2 days. For more in depth sessions, I may have a few questions for you as well before we begin our work together.

 Location: By phone, email, Skype or in-person in Santa Fe, NM. Distance sessions by phone may be recorded if you'd like and there's no additional cost for the recording.  

Rates & Payment: I accept cash, check, credit cards and PayPal. Payments may be made online HERE or given in-person if you are seeing me at my office. No additional tax, and tipping is optional. A sliding scale is available (see if you might qualify HERE) - talk to me prior to your session. 

“Beth is an amazing healer and very gifted at what she does working with the psychic surgery. I cannot begin to thank her enough for the healing energy that she sent me. During the weekend I felt energy while I was laying in bed. It felt like a mild pressure almost like a basketball pressing gently on my right shoulder and neck. I felt a blanket of energy around me; it was a feeling of complete relaxation and calm. By the end of the evening the pain that I had felt in my shoulder and neck was gone. For the first time in 20 years, I was able to sleep without the need to use an ointment to soothe the area.

I love the point of stillness meditation that Beth gave me. I do rest best when I have dark and calm. I am really looking forward to what else will unfold from this session. It feels like it was just the beginning.

I am planning to have more sessions with Beth. I really believe in her gift.
— Angela Hartfield
Yesterday in the morning I showed someone that I could not bend 3 of my toes - by night time I could bend them all! My foot feels much freer, if that makes sense?! I feel like I’m placing much more weight on it, and when I got out of bed I wasn’t as careful with it as I’ve had to be the last few months. I walked downstairs much easier this morning too...and been walking much better today. Thank you for your generous gift and the huge difference it has made to me.
— JH
Beth thank you so much. I felt a swirling energy around my leg right before I read your post, and It is definately not hurting as much. I feel like there is a shield over it. Thank you I will keep you updated.
— H.V. (had continued pain after melanomma removals)

Is a Session right for me?

  You are interested in:

  • Relief from stress and anxiety.

  • Know more of your own spiritual essence, connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

  • Find clarity about your next steps in life, relationship, or work.

  • Move forward organically from the authentic call of your Heart & Soul into who you are becoming.

  • Support before and after surgery or with other health issues.

  • Recenter, nourish and refresh your body, mind, heart and spirit.

  • Deep self care & soul care, so you are nourished to do your own service in the world.

  • Land into Who You Are, be in and know your own unique energy. Cultivate healthy boundaries.



I understand that there are times when finances are limited.  I've been there!  My sliding scale is for people who truly  would love to pay what I ask for, yet just aren't able to at the moment.

My heart's desire is that everyone be able to have a well rounded and fulfilling life. To me this means having funds to support basic needs + personal growth + support system (therapist, healing practitioner ) + fun & play. 

When I offer a sliding scale, I am trusting that you will be honest with yourself and with me about your financial ability. I ask that you stretch a little, as I am stretching to, so that we can meet at a point that works for both of us. Sometimes we might not be able to find that meeting point, but my hope is that we can.  Below is some additional information that may help you determine if you might qualify for my sliding scale rates.

  • You truly value and appreciate the service offered.

  • The session costs more than 20-30% of your weekly income.

  • You sincerely need the discounted rate, you aren't living off a healthy alimony or retirement check, and you don't have over $10,000 in a personal savings account.

  • You understand that there are no extra taxes on my rates, that tipping is optional, and that my rates are on par or in some cases lower than my peers with similar training and work quality.

  • You are not currently working with 2 or more other healing practitioners, intuitives, healers...etc, and paying them full price.

  • You are interested in coming regularly.

  • You have been a full paying client in the past, but are in a transition which has temporarily lowered your current income or added extra financial burdens.

  • You have an interesting trade offer.

more info coming soon...