Beth has a sweet and joyful energy and does a wonderful job of holding a sacred space for healing the body, mind, and spirit. She considers her environment well to create the most welcoming and safe experience for her clients. I’m grateful for her powerful intuition and healing gifts.
— Brad Elpers
Beth is far more than a skilled masseuse. She is sensitive and intuitive, balancing the physical and spiritual aspects of massage. During my mother’s final decline and death, Beth’s compassion and extraordinary healing touch helped me find my way through that dark time. I have never experienced anything like it before and am blessed to have Beth as my massage practitioner.
— Blythe Fortin
Beth is very intuitive, finds all the tension spots without having to tell her about them. She is very responsive to instruction as well. It is a great overall massage but also feels like it is healing in a multi-dimensional way.
— Nirvair Singh Khalsa
Beth thank you so much. I felt a swirling energy around my leg right before I read your post, and It is definately not hurting as much. I feel like there is a shield over it. Thank you I will keep you updated.
— H.V. (had continued pain after melanomma removals)
My sessions with Beth have brought me a much more acute and useful awareness of my own energy within my body and have brought me substantial relief from chronic pain. Her ability to open the channels and bring both peace and relaxation to my entire being is phenomenal. The personal healing mandala she created for me is beautiful and ethereal, having both depth and peace within it.
— KJS, Missouri
Thank you so much for your help and recording. I almost feel miraculous changes and shifts today so it was a timely boost of healing and alignment. Your voice is always so comforting and healing in itself, do you record meditation or other healing modality CD’s? If not, it’s something that you should consider. Have a beautiful day!
— DH
Yesterday in the morning I showed someone that I could not bend 3 of my toes - by night time I could bend them all! My foot feels much freer, if that makes sense?! I feel like I’m placing much more weight on it, and when I got out of bed I wasn’t as careful with it as I’ve had to be the last few months. I walked downstairs much easier this morning too...and been walking much better today. Thank you for your generous gift and the huge difference it has made to me.
— JH
The first time I had a massage by Beth, I felt like a healthier more vibrant person as soon as I got off the table. She works the physical while also engaging the meridians’ energetic flow. I noticed that for days afterward I felt everything in my body was flowing and functioning at a higher level. Beth has an angelic spirit, the environment is beautiful, her music is thoughtful and evocative, her essential oils and chakra testing are superb, and finally her intuition is powerful. I highly recommend her.
— Pamela Gregg Flax, Santa Fe, Full Well Acupuncture
After much searching & experimentation I am so happy to have found Beth. Her work w/ me over the past year has greatly improved my quality of life. She is mindful to always be up to date w/ my latest body issues while continuing to work w/ me on my chronic problems. I most appreciate her respect for the entire experience. Beth is never brisk or abrupt, but soothing, peaceful & gentle while still being highly effective. When she is finished I always feel calm, refreshed & renewed.
— Gloria Silver
“Beth is an amazing healer and very gifted at what she does working with the psychic surgery. I cannot begin to thank her enough for the healing energy that she sent me. During the weekend I felt energy while I was laying in bed. It felt like a mild pressure almost like a basketball pressing gently on my right shoulder and neck. I felt a blanket of energy around me; it was a feeling of complete relaxation and calm. By the end of the evening the pain that I had felt in my shoulder and neck was gone. For the first time in 20 years, I was able to sleep without the need to use an ointment to soothe the area.

I love the point of stillness meditation that Beth gave me. I do rest best when I have dark and calm. I am really looking forward to what else will unfold from this session. It feels like it was just the beginning.

I am planning to have more sessions with Beth. I really believe in her gift.
— Angela Hartfield
Dear Beth, I gotta tell you that this morning I went into the woods following your advice, and in short, it was the most amazing, clearing, and love filled experience that i had in years. it was truely healing (: Thank you so much for the reading, you are really gifted.I wish you luck and give you a lot of blessings and love Thank you,
— Y