Are you a MultiCreatinator?

Do you have a lot of ideas and inspirations, some you have given time to and others that are just on a list somewhere in your flurry of papers? AND- are you ever hard on yourself about these things? Do you doubt yourself, think maybe you're too scattered, wonder if some of these ideas are worthless, think maybe you're manic and need to focus on just one thing?

I can tell you, I've had these thoughts about myself. As a highly creative person, I generate a lot of ideas. I'm consistently curios. My interests take me into various territories, and I enjoy exploring, weaving my passions together, and creating.

I have notebooks filled with thoughts, ideas, inspirations, diagrams and sketches. Projects I'm currently actively working on are dappled throughout my office. Others are in the closet, tucked away years ago but not forgotten.

Recently I came across the TED talk link here, and found it very reassuring and illuminating. I know I'm not alone- Maybe you resonate with what I've written here. If so, I highly recommend this TED talk!

["Slow Multitasking" is what he calls it. But I've been dreaming up my own term, playing at the moment with "Slow MultiCreatinator"]