Goddess Energy Portraits™, Personal Healing Mandalas™ and other custom commissions.

Many years ago, as I was documenting my own personal visions of the energy realm within and around me, I came to realize that I could 'see' for others too, and the intuitive Goddess Energy Portraits™ were birthed. I began painting for others the energy of their unique soul and essence, as a way for them to feel, know and connect with their divine Spirit. Since 2004, I have had the honor of painting these energy portraits for women of all shapes, sizes and ages.  At the time, 'aura drawings' were common, but no one else was doing what I was. This is my unique creation, gift and skill that I am honored to be able to provide. I haven't had the chance yet, but I can also create these for men, as a "Soul or Divine Masculine Energy Portrait".

In recent years, I have also developed two other commission styles to accommodate client's needs and preferences, The Personal Power Symbols™ and Personal Healing Mandalas™. These are wonderful if you prefer a more abstract symbolic painting, or one that assists you with a specific issue or quality that you'd like to more deeply cultivate and integrate.



INITIAL CONSULTATION: To begin, we’ll discuss the nitty gritty of your painting commission: any questions you have, cost, size, payment plans, and the process. 

I will also ask you to email a few photos of yourself that I’ll print off and tape to my easel when I’m working on your painting. 

The process and cost varies a bit, depending on the type of commission you'd like, and your unique circumstances. 

ENERGY MEDICINE SESSIONS: Over the years, the GEP painting commissions have evolved into a process that includes intuitive information, and a series of specifically focused energy medicine sessions. These sessions contribute imagery, symbols and information for your painting commission, as well as assist you in embodying the experience more fully. 

Some of the themes of the sessions may include:



Once your painting is complete and dry, it will be packaged securely and mailed with insurance and a tracking number. Shipping within the USA is included in the cost. I’m happy to ship outside the USA as well, if you cover shipping costs.

Each painting will support each individual in a unique way. One client's insomnia left once she hung her painting above her bed. Another finds that as she works with her clients, she'll gaze at her painting and information will come through to her, facillitating her work. I trust this process and know your painting will have gifts for you too. 


Costs vary depending on the size and scope of your commission. Generally you can expect costs to be 2-3 times higher than my other original paintings. The GEPs average 22x28 inches, though lager sizes are possible as well. The Personal Power Symbols can be as small as 12x12, and the Personal Healing Mandalas are 16x16 inches or larger.  Also the PPS and PHMs usually do not include as much session time together.



I love it!!!! I cried when I saw it! It is so meaningful to me that you picked up on some very important things that I am working with. ...The fact, that you had the sun with the crescent moon in the center is incredible—astrologically, my sun and moon are less than one degree apart from each other! Also, the fact that the planets and stars were at the top of the painting~I have always felt a deep connection to the stars....
— JE- Maryland
I wanted to give you some feedback on your beautiful painting. Anna immediately was drawn to it in the library where I hung it. “Is that me ,from the artist we met, I mean the one we talked to ?” I said it was an interpretation of her. She looked at it for a long time and I didn’t say any more. Then she said “I really like it, Mom. She even included a magic carpet- that’s great!
— MP
Each time I look at this portrait, I feel a renewed sense of commitment to my life path and a renewed “knowing”. I feel a deep sense of peace and strength emanating from this goddess which I then feel deeply within myself each time I am in her presence. I can’t thank you enough for this gift you have provided to me. I know there are no coincidences and I am deeply grateful for the path which led me to you.
— JB, Minnesota