" May you know the Beauty and Truth that is Who You Are. May you know the Wisdom within, and always listen to and express the Song of your Soul. "

- Beth Budesheim


 Welcome. I'm a Body & Energy Healer (and former RN), Intuitive Counselor,  and Artist, who works with people both in-person, and through phone, Skype and email. 

At the foundation of all my work is the core element of assisting others into a deeper connection, awareness of and unfolding of their own unique essence, their essential energy, higher Self, and Self Knowing- because doing so opens the doorways and flow for physical healing, mental and emotional well-being, feeling more centered & empowered,  having greater clarity about  self- life -next steps, and enjoying personal connection to Spirit/Source.

 I'm  an introvert, and contemplator (con=with,  templ= the temple), who has dedicated much time in my life to exploring, learning (and continue to do so), observing and working with the nature and intricacies of life, Self, relationship, fields of energy and healing. However we connect, my promise is to bring not only my 17+ years of experience and solid training, but also a gentle spirit and  caring heart.

  • Supportive healing before and after surgery or with other health issues. 
  • Recenter, nourish and refresh your body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • Artwork for your home, business, or website.
  • Intuitive painting commissions- Goddess Energy Portraits™, Personal Healing Mandalas
  • Sessions for self care, recentering and nourishing body, mind, heart and soul.
  • Relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Supporting healers and holistic practitioners with their own self care, recharging and well-being.
  • Know more of your own spiritual essence,  connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.
  • Find clarity about your next steps in life, relationship, or work.
  • Land into Who You Are,  be in and know your own energy. Cultivate healthy boundaries.
  • Move forward organically from the authentic call of your Heart & Soul into who you are becoming. 

 If any of these touch something within you, I have a variety of services, art, products and offerings here that just might appeal to you. Have a look around and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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