How to do a Personal Journey for Healing & Insight


Happy Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Aquarius! I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite personal practices. This is something wonderful to do occasionally and also around these sort of astrological events.

 Personal Sacred Journey for Healing & Guidance:

 1. Set up your sacred space

* Lay a small blanket on the floor if you'd like

* Place 4 crystals in a circle around the edge of the blanket. One above where your head will be. One at your right & left. One below where your feet will be.

* Include anything else you'd like, such as lighting a candle, anointing yourself with essential oils...etc.


2. Set your intention

* Write down in your journal what you would like this journey to focus on. What issue are you wanting guidance, healing and insight around? It could look like this, "Dear Guides and Angels, I'm asking for your guidance, healing and assistance with _____________."

 *Setting your intention will help hold the space to receive


3. Start the journey

* I like to place a few crystals on my body at places intuitively chosen. These places may relate to the intention of the journey. For instance, for heartbreak, place a crystal on your heart. 

* I use drumming audios by Carol Weaver (available on iTunes), and listen through headphones. I recommend 10 minutes for your first go at it. The drumming really helps us enter a different space and open to receive, while also keeping us grounded and present.


4. The Journey

* Hold the intention of the purpose your journey. It's very similar to prayer. This prayerful approach keeps you focused so that you actually receive guidance & healing, while also allowing for enough vibrational lift & openness for new information, energy & insight to come through.

 * Notice any insights, guidance, imagery, colors, new enlightening thoughts, or sensations of energy healing that occur.

 * Depending on how long you are journeying, things may come in waves. If doing a short 10 minute journey, you may get an answer and quick healing and that is all you need- even one small bit is enough. For longer journeys, you will likely find that healing & information comes in waves. Know that it's ok for there to be pauses, and use that time to relax, ground, breathe.. you can even journal a bit and then re-enter the journey.

* If you don't feel like you're receiving anything, that's ok! That happens sometimes. Ask for continued support, guidance and synchronicities throughout your daily life until you journey again. Journal about anything you felt, what came up for you, what the obstacle seemed to be- these may yield some good information. 

* If at any point you don't feel right, feel confused, or fearful, stop the journey and reconnect with the love & light that you are and your divine source (whatever that is for you... God/Goddess, Great Spirit...etc) Know that it's just your mind messing with you, and that your mind may just be too busy & influenced right now to have a clear journey.


5. Closing

* You will know the journey is coming to a close, when the drumming begins to speed up. This is the signal to begin 'coming back'.

 * Bring your awareness to your body & breath. Move slowly with presence & caring, so that you are honoring the space of transition. When we do this, it helps bring some of the expanded consciousness into our daily life.

 * Sit up, and journal about what you experienced and any information you received.

* When you are done, give thanks and intentionally close the journey. For instance, don't just get up and go do something else. Intentionally know you are done with this journey, and mark that in some way, such as bowing to the space you created, blowing the candle out and sending it's light to your heart and to the world...etc.

This is one of my very favorite practices that I have been doing for many years. It was adapted from a traditional shamanic journey. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know how it goes.